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Author Mobeen Ludin
Date Generated July 7 / 2012
Date Tested July 8 / 2012
Release Revision # r3742


--This iso was generated as testing for Release Canadidate and soon new BCCD release. Forllowing tickets are bring resolved in these Testing ISOs:

        ISOs that fix issues:  #715, #716, #717, #718, #720, #721

Downloading and Making Bootable USB

First Downloading the ISO form a repository on earlham cs cluster:

first downloading the script for making bootable USB drive

  $ svn co svn+ssh://mmludin08@cluster.earlham.edu/cluster/svnroot/bccd-ng/trunk/bin BCCD
  $ cd BCCD 

This is where the the script exits for making bootable USB from BCCD ISO

Download the ISO from appropriate links


  $ wget http://cluster.earlham.edu/bccd-ng/snapshot/bccd_latest.amd64.iso.md5
  $ wget http://cluster.earlham.edu/bccd-ng/snapshot/bccd_latest.amd64.iso


  $ wget http://cluster.earlham.edu/bccd-ng/snapshot/bccd_latest.i386.iso.md5
  $ wget http://cluster.earlham.edu/bccd-ng/snapshot/bccd_latest.i386.iso

CheckSum Report:

To see if the ISO was downloaded 100% correctly

  $ md5sum bccd_latest.amd64.iso

92af26a2499d88f67149aa90b6bad055 bccd_latest.amd64.iso

  $ cat bccd_latest.amd64.iso.md5 

MD5 (bccd_latest.amd64.iso) = 92af26a2499d88f67149aa90b6bad055

  $ md5sum bccd_latest.i386.iso

443eb59f7a41439cd7c953d5d00c3a86 bccd_latest.i386.iso

  $ cat bccd_latest.i386.iso.md5 

MD5 (bccd_latest.i386.iso) = 443eb59f7a41439cd7c953d5d00c3a86

Second Making Bootable USB

The next step will be to insert the 4G USB drive (the Intel one) into the machine, wait a couple seconds, and then do

   $ sudo ./build_bootable_USB.sh /dev/sdb bccd_latest.amd64.iso

This is the usual procedure for running the script. The thing that can vary is /dev/sdb; usually this will be the location of the USB, but if there is another USB connected it might actually be /dev/sdc.

NOTE: To see find out the memory partitions run the following command:

   $ ls /dev/sd*


    $ dmesg




Most of the Modules such as: GalaxSee, Life, Param_space etc.. worked fine. CUDA had path issue. Error = ld: cannot find -lcudart.

It was solved by setting up the right LDFLAGS paths to -L/bccd/software/cuda/3.2.16/Linux/BCCD/x86_64/lib64. This should be fixed for the Module also.

Network Managment

     $ bccd-nic-setup 
     $ sudo /bin/bccd-reset-network 

worked fine: and generated no errors. although the issue of listing for dhcp queries on the external nic still existed. Which we found a fix for it

The Default for dhcp initscript interfaces was set to NULL. by changing it to eth0, now it only listens to queries on its internal nic.

Liberating BCCD

$ sudo perl /root/liberate.pl --libdev /dev/sda

Liberation pased 77 out of 78 tests. Test # 8 failed.

not ok 8 - Set LVM PV partition type.

LIBERATED -- From Hard Disk


Network Setup Managment

$ bccd-nic-setup $ sudo /bin/bccd-reset-network

Network setup workd smoothly. No Errors. Same fix as above.


- PXE-Booting is working.

- All the Modules both compiles and run fine with openmpi and mpich2.


Network Setup Managment

$ bccd-nic-setup $ sudo /bin/bccd-reset-network

Network setup workd smoothly. No Errors. but still listing on its external nic for dhcp queries. Same fix for it as mentioned above.

   - all the Moduels do not compile or run on the 32-bit.
   - CUDA: compiles fine, but does not generate the right results. for example, ./hello-world 10 10, both comlumns are 0 0 on the livemode. but on the liberated mode it works fine.  

Final: Comments/Suggestions/Objection/Question/?/?

We seem to be ready for a release Candidate. I could generate a Release Candidate when I get the thumbs up...

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