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Author Mobeen Ludin
Date Generated July 7 / 2012
Date Tested July 8 / 2012
Release Revision # r3742


--This iso was generated as testing for Release Canadidate and soon new BCCD release. Forllowing tickets are bring resolved in these Testing ISOs:

        ISOs that fix issues:  #715, #716, #717, #718, #720, #721

Downloading and Making Bootable USB

First Downloading the ISO form a repository on earlham cs cluster:

first downloading the script for making bootable USB drive

  $ svn co svn+ssh://mmludin08@cluster.earlham.edu/cluster/svnroot/bccd-ng/trunk/bin BCCD
  $ cd BCCD 

This is where the the script exits for making bootable USB from BCCD ISO

Download the ISO from appropriate links


  $ wget http://cluster.earlham.edu/bccd-ng/snapshot/bccd_latest.amd64.iso.md5
  $ wget http://cluster.earlham.edu/bccd-ng/snapshot/bccd_latest.amd64.iso


  $ wget http://cluster.earlham.edu/bccd-ng/snapshot/bccd_latest.i386.iso.md5
  $ wget http://cluster.earlham.edu/bccd-ng/snapshot/bccd_latest.i386.iso

CheckSum Report:

To see if the ISO was downloaded 100% correctly

  $ md5sum bccd_latest.amd64.iso

92af26a2499d88f67149aa90b6bad055 bccd_latest.amd64.iso

  $ cat bccd_latest.amd64.iso.md5 

MD5 (bccd_latest.amd64.iso) = 92af26a2499d88f67149aa90b6bad055

  $ md5sum bccd_latest.i386.iso

443eb59f7a41439cd7c953d5d00c3a86 bccd_latest.i386.iso

  $ cat bccd_latest.i386.iso.md5 

MD5 (bccd_latest.i386.iso) = 443eb59f7a41439cd7c953d5d00c3a86

Second Making Bootable USB

The next step will be to insert the 4G USB drive (the Intel one) into the machine, wait a couple seconds, and then do

   $ sudo ./build_bootable_USB.sh /dev/sdb bccd_latest.amd64.iso

This is the usual procedure for running the script. The thing that can vary is /dev/sdb; usually this will be the location of the USB, but if there is another USB connected it might actually be /dev/sdc.

NOTE: To see find out the memory partitions run the following command:

   $ ls /dev/sd*


    $ dmesg




Most of the Modules such as: GalaxSee, Life, Param_space, and CUDA programs worked fine.

Network Managment

     $ bccd-nic-setup 
     $ sudo /bin/bccd-reset-network 

worked fine: and generated no errors.

Liberating BCCD

$ sudo perl /root/liberate.pl --libdev /dev/sda

Liberation pased 78 out of 78 tests.

LIBERATED -- From Hard Disk


Network Setup Managment

$ bccd-nic-setup $ sudo /bin/bccd-reset-network

Network setup workd smoothly. No Errors.


- PXE-Booting is working. However, with a some errors. The first computing node comes up fine. When you run:

   $ bccd-snarfhosts 
   $ cat machines

you will see the computing nodes, which you can ping and ssh to it. However when you turn on the second computing node, it will come up, but the first computing node loses NFS. I think for some resons bccd-allowall is sending the node to sleeping. SEE THE PICTURES FOR ERRORS...

- All the Modules both compiles and run fine with openmpi, but with mpich2 Param_Space and Life does not compile, See pictures for ERRORS.



Network Setup Managment

$ bccd-nic-setup $ sudo /bin/bccd-reset-network

Network setup workd smoothly. No Errors. PXE-Booting has the same issues as 64-bit.

   - all the Moduels do not compile or run on the 32-bit. 
      - With openmpi error is: ld: Cannot fine -lmpi_cxx
      - With mpich2 error is: make: mpicxx: Command not found
   - CUDA: compiles fine, but does not generate the right results. for example, ./hello-world 10 10, both comlumns are 0 0. 

Final: Comments/Suggestions/Objection/Question/?/?

I will work on in tomorrow and start working on milestone tickest and get ready for the new release.

link to Error Pictures: http://cluster.earlham.edu/bccd-ng/testing/mobeen/ERROR-PICS/

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