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IMPORTANT NOTE: You are welcome to edit this wiki, make it more nicer and good looking than currently is. However, Please keep in mind other people's modification especially to their personal log pages. DONT DELETE THEM



This page was mainly started for keeping logs of BCCD ISO Testings. The BCCD ISO Testing Log Pages page has the list of current BCCD Developers and those who do regular ISO testings. if you wish to be a part of the crew please add your name. To find out how to add your name/create a log page for your self/testing logfile take a look at the view source option.

Downloading BCCD

You could download BCCD stable version from bccd webpage BCCD. You could also find Testing/Release Candidate or Snapshot ISOs here: BCCD-ISO

BCCD Developer's Logs

This is a place for the developers, testers, and users of the BCCD-NG project to collaborate. Bellow is the list of people with their person testing log page. There is one example Bccd-ng - January-28-2012 provided to show how the BCCD ISO testing is done. Also you could copy that process for your future testing. Also there is information on automated BCCD Testing which could be found here: Testing the BCCD.

Skylar's BCCD/LittleFe Testing

Aaron's BCCD/LittleFe Testing

Mobeen's BCCD/LittleFe Testing

Charlie's BCCD/LittleFe Testing

Ivan's BCCD/LittleFe Testing

Fitz's BCCD/LittleFe Testing

Gus's BCCD/LittleFe Testing

Sanele's BCCD/LittleFe Testing

Kristin's BCCD/LittleFe Testing

Jeremy's BCCD/LittleFe Testing

Albert's BCCD/LittleFe Testing

Shawn's BCCD/LittleFe Testing


LittleFe Developer's Log

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