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Good news! At the time of this writing, the BCCD is already set up with OpenMPI as the default environment. On other systems, or to double check, to find out if OpenMPI is your default environment, issue the command:

which mpirun

If it comes back saying:


then that means you are good to go and can skip to the next part! But if you received any other result, you must read on.

If not...


  module list

and look for a different MPI:

 Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
 1) modules                7) gromacs/3.3.3_openmpi
 2) PSC_DX/04.3.3000       8) intelcc/11.0.074
 3) cuda/0.2.1221          9) jre/1.6.0_07
 4) dreamm/4.1.6           10) mcell/3.1
 5) fftw/3.1.2             11) mpe/1.9.1
 6) mpich2/1.2.1           12) xmpi/2.2.3b8

Unload that MPI and load MPICH:

  module unload mpich2 && module load openmpi

You should now see the correct mpirun with which mpirun. You can ensure that this happens at login by changing this line in ~/.bash_profile

  module load PSC_DX cuda dreamm fftw mpich2 gromacs jre mcell mpe xmpi


  module load PSC_DX cuda dreamm fftw openmpi gromacs jre mcell mpe xmpi

Compiling and Running an MPI Program

Now that your environment is set, click on Compiling and Running to learn how to run a sample MPI program. Most of the applications in the BCCD user's home directory are ready to be run after a simple make command!

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