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Workshop/Tutorial Resources

Getting Started

Basic Information

Curriculum Modules

The BCCD comes with a number of parallel and distributed computing modules built-in, these are located in ~bccd.

Additional Modules and Applications

Developer Information

Configuring and Customizing

Tools and Clustering



Note: This is beta software, and should not even be interpreted as production-quality.



The free stuff

BCCDv3, defined as the build, automation, and testing framework and other software contributed by the BCCD developers, is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3.

The core of BCCDv3 is based off Debian. All software packaged by Debian must meet the Debian Free Software Guidelines, which include licenses found here.

Some of the stacking filesystem support and hardware autodetection is based off KNOPPIX, which is licensed under the GNU General Public license, version 2.

The stacking filesystem the BCCD uses is AUFS, which is licensed under the GNU General Public license, version 2.

The non-free stuff

The basic software you need to use the BCCD is all freely available. Some of the software (all found in /bccd/software) is licensed solely for use inside the BCCD environment. The software in this category includes but is not limited to:

The authors of these software packages generously provide free licensing to the BCCD project to further our educational mission, so please be respectful and don't copy this software outside the BCCD.


What does all this license legalese mean? In short, the BCCD is free and open-source for all, with the notable exceptions above. You may use it, modify, and redistribute yourself as long as all the license terms remain intact.

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