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Sometimes you just need to know what's going on. And when you need to know what's going on with mpich programs and processes (as opposed to work, life, etc.), MPE tools such as mpilog, mpitrace, and mpianim are lower-level tools to help you on your way.

Debugging with Mpilog

This option builds your mpich program to generate an MPI logfile. The three log formats mpilog can create are .alog, .clog, and .slog. .clog is created by default. The debugging program upshot uses the .alog (ASCII log) extension. To create an .alog file, follow the instructions here.

Debugging with Mpitrace

This option generates verbose output of all MPI calls. Fun to watch. Compile your program like below (where prog is the name of your program):

mpicc -mpitrace -o prog -lm prog.c

Then run your program as usual. Be prepared for fun verbose output!

Debugging with Mpianim

This option allows you to watch a real-time animation of your process communication. Two notes:

Log into X (the startx command usually does the trick) and issue the following command, where prog is the name of your program:

mpicc -mpianim -o prog -lm prog.c -lX11

Then run your program as usual, but look for an animated X screen!

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