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This page assumes you have a liberated version of the BCCD, say on a LittleFe unit.

When you create accounts under Linux the contents of /etc/skel are copied into the new account by default, the BCCD works the same way. The bccd user is created this way, so by default when you create new accounts on the BCCD those usernames also have the contents of /etc/skel copied to their new home directory. This can be a feature or a bug depending on your perspective. The instructions below describe how to work around that behavior if necessary. Placing the user in the "video" group allows use of /dev/nvidia* devices for CUDA. Use only lowercase letters in the username.

  1. $ sudo su - root
  2. # adduser billybob
  3. # su - billybob
  4. $ ssh-keygen
    • <carriage-return>
    • <carriage-return>
    • <carriage-return>
  5. $ cd .ssh
  6. $ cp authorized_keys
  7. $ exit

If you don't want billybob to have the same default examples you can remove them with this command:

  1. # rm -rf ~billybob/*

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