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BCCDv3 -- Basic Information

The BCCD v3.0 project uses Trac for its bug tracking and project management. It's hosted here by the CCG group at Earlham College.

Submitting reports

Example report

Version: 3.0
Revision: r2300, 03/31/10
Both live and liberated

The Life application does not appear to run with a single process while using MPICH2.

Steps to reproduce:
- Boot a single node (standalone or otherwise; appears to not matter)
- Unload openmpi and load mpich2:
-- module unload openmpi && module load mpich2
- Build Life:
-- cd Life; make clean && make
- Run with -np 1:
-- mpirun -np 1 ./Life.mpi

The Life display opens, but no changes ever happen. The display hangs like this until the user manually
kills the process. Further inspection shows that the one Life process takes up 100% CPU and, as shown
by strace, is in an infinite active polling loop.
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