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These notes describe changes I made to the KNOPPIX squashfs to try to track down the squashfs errors folks get with the older Jetway boards.


September 10

September 13

Seems like the problem is in /etc/init.d/udev. Started sprinkling /bin/bash in the udev script so I could step through and identify exactly which command is problematic and run it manually. After a couple iterations, I narrowed it down to this command:

udevadm trigger --action=add

Unfortunately this generates loads of console output and it is impossible to use Ctrl-S to stop them.

September 14

netconsole/rsyslog setup

Using netconsole and remote rsyslog logging to get console output logged to my laptop. To setup:

  1. On my laptop, uncomment these lines in /etc/rsyslog.conf and reload rsyslog:
    $ModLoad imudp
    $UDPServerRun 514
  2. Boot Ashley's LF board with the custom udev init script.
  3. At the /bin/bash before udevadm trigger --action=add, supply the following commands:
    1. rmmod netconsole
    2. dhclient eth0
    3. insmod /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/net/netconsole.ko netconsole=6665@,514@
    4. In /etc/rsyslog.conf, add this line in the target block:
      *.* @
    5. Start rsyslog: /etc/init.d/rsyslog start
    6. Confirm that it works: echo test|/usr/bin/logger (should get a test line on laptop, /var/log/syslog)

Device names

It appears that udevadm trigger --action=add causes the device node for the USB stick to change from /dev/sda to /dev/sdb.

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