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Instructions for BCCD

  1. In the terminal window, input "cd [name of program]" (example: "cd GalaxSee")
  2. Type "make"
  3. Type "bccd-snarfhosts"
  4. Type "cat ~/machines" and check that all nodes are there. If some are not, check if all of your nodes have turned on and run bccd-snarfhosts again.
  5. Type "mv ~/machines ~/machines.bak"
  6. Type "cat /etc/bccd-stage"
  7. If the above command returns "LIVE", run this command: bccd-syncdir . ~/machines
  8. cd to the directory returned by the above command, if applicable.
  9. Type "time mpirun -np # -hostfile ~/machines.bak [name of program]" (example: "time mpirun -np 2 -hostfile ~/machines.bak GalaxSee")
  10. Note the 'Real Time' This is the benchmark time.
  11. Repeat from step 2 for subsequent programs.

The following are the benchmark times for the Little Fe v4

These results came from Revision 3588. Build date: 2012-2-25

Number of Cores GalaxSee Life Param Space
2 36.254s 35.203s 14.743s
4 24.654s 48.127s 14.925s
6 16.287s 62.005s 14.908s
8 15.226s 75.846s 15.382s
10 12.344s 92.048s 15.446s
12 12.122s 99.614s 15.537s

These are the visual representations of the data above.

Bargraph.png Linegraph.png

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