[BCCD Developers] Running HPL on lf-sced2-1

skylar at cs.earlham.edu skylar at cs.earlham.edu
Wed Dec 23 11:04:15 EST 2009

On Tue, December 22, 2009 5:36 pm, Andrew Fitz Gibbon wrote:
> We've been asked a few times (both at SC and while I've been at
> Shodor) about performance stats on the new dual-core LittleFe. I've
> set up ATLAS and HPL on the online-LittleFe and kicked off a suite of runs.
> Given the number of parameters I gave it, it's going to be running for
> quite some time.
> Right now it's running at 2 +/- 0.3 Gflops, but it's nowhere near the
> theoretically "ideal" parameters yet.
> I'll keep everyone posted, but if you want to check out the numbers
> for yourself, look at the file /bccd/home/bccd/hpl/hpl-2.0/bin/
> Linux_PII_CBLAS/HPL.out on lf-sced2-1.cs.earlham.edu.
> At some point I'll get some documentation written on the process for
> compiling/tuning/running ATLAS/HPL.

I don't know if you've run across it, but I've found ACT's tool to be
useful for getting a good first-pass HPL configuration file:



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