BCCD Developers

Paul Gray originally developed the Bootable Cluster CD at the University of Northern Iowa. Several members of the Earlham College Cluster Computing Group have also been involved with the project, particularly in developing the BCCD version 3.x. Over the past year or so, development has increased to include staff and interns from the Shodor Education Foundation

Prospective Developers

The BCCD project is always looking for new developers to join in and help out and there are always things to be done. Check out our list of open tickets to see if there's something up your alley!

Getting Started

To get started with BCCD development, you should have the following tools available:

  • Linux development environment
  • Subversion
  • VirtualBox or another virtualization package (Optional, but eases the development process)

The BCCD version 3 wiki has a good deal of helpful information. Check out the Developer's page or the VirtualBox environment set up page to get started.

Current Developers

The principle developers for the BCCD are currently:

  • Skylar Thompson (University of Washington)
  • Andrew Fitz Gibbon (Earlham College Alumnus)
  • Charlie Peck (Earlham College)
  • Aaron Weeden (Shodor Education Foundation)
  • Mobeen Ludin (Shodor Education Foundation)

Past developers and contributors:

  • Paul Gray
  • Kevin Hunter
  • Dave Joiner
  • Tom Murphy
  • Sam Leeman-Munk
  • Gus Schuerger